How to pay for design via Payoneer billing (Payment options)

Payment instructions

The easiest way to submit a payment to a DV Creative Studio is through the Payoneer Billing Service.
The Billing Service works in the following way:

1. Payee (designer) you wish to pay needs to send you a payment request from their Payoneer account.
2. You will receive the payment request to your email address. The email will contain the details of the payment and a link to the Payoneer online payment application.
3. When you follow the link, you will see the available options to complete the payment.

Depending on the size of the payment, you will see one or more of the following options to complete your payment:

  • via credit card for payments up to 2,000 USD/EUR/GBP/CAD
  • via eCheck for payments up to 5,000 USD (available only for companies registered in the US)
  • via local bank transfer for payments of any size

For credit card and eCheck payments, you will need to enter the details of your card/ bank account in the online payment application to complete the payment.

For local bank transfer payments, you can use the details of the Payoneer user’s collection account (which you will see in the Online Payment Application) to send a payment through your bank account.


Question: How can I pay for a design service that I received from a DV Creative Studio?

Answer: You can pay through a payment request sent via Payoneer’s Billing Service.
We send you payment request to your email. This email message includes a Pay Now link to the Payoneer platform where you can pay online.

Depending on your country of residence, your payment currency, and the amount requested, you can pay by one of the following methods: credit card, electronic check and local bank transfer.

Question: What is the Local Bank Transfer payment method?

Answer: Local Bank Transfer is a payment method you can use if you are paying as a company.
With this payment method, you transfer a payment directly to the Payoneer user’s account using the bank details provided. These bank details will be provided to you in one of the following ways:

1. On-screen in the Payoneer platform (after clicking Pay Now in the payment request).
Depending on your country of residence, this option will appear as:
• ACH Transfer (if you are located in the US)
• EU Bank (if you are located in Europe)
• UK Bank (if you are located in the UK)

2. In an email sent to you directly by the Payoneer user. If Local Bank Transfer is the only available
payment method for the payment request, the bank details will always be sent only via email.

Currently, the Payoneer platform cannot be used for payments made by local bank transfer and you will need to process the payment directly at your bank.

Question: Do I need to be a Payoneer user to pay a payment request?

Answer: No, you do not need to be a Payoneer user.

Question: Could a payment I send be declined?

Answer: Payments are subject to review by Payoneer and may be declined. You will receive an email confirming that you have sent payment followed by an email indicating whether the payment was approved or declined.
Please note that wire transfers are not supported. A wire transfer will be rejected and returned to you, after the deduction of bank processing fees.

Question: I received an email telling me that my payment was declined by my bank. What can I do now?

Answer: If you paid by credit card, please try making a payment again using the original payment request that you received. In most cases, the new payment will be successful.
If you paid by eCheck, you will need to ask your service/product provider for a new payment request.

Question: Is my information safe with Payoneer?

Answer: Protecting your privacy and the information you provide us is a top priority for Payoneer. Payoneer does its utmost to protect the security of Payoneer users and those who pay them. All information and documentation that you provide to Payoneer is kept highly secure and in the strictest of confidence.